Jul 182011

Can The Current Environmental Problem Be Solved By Living Green?
The  environmental crisis we’re going through right now is mainly caused by humans. There are two primary opinions, the one being that it’s due to the ignorance of the masses, the other that we’ve been hoodwinked by big commercial enterprises. At the end of the day, Joe Soap is responsible for much irresponsible and destructive use of our natural resources. Of course, what can people do when they are helpless? Even though much of the ecological balance has been impacted by global warming, the impact on the ecology can be minimized by individuals by taking certain alternatives.

There is lots to be gained from applying solutions endorsed by the green movement. There is no plausible cure for the ills of the environment other than adopting a green lifestyle. Alas, all the present damage cannot be overturned, but at least further damage can be stopped and the impending calamity for the most part avoided.

People can at least forestall further harm to the environment by adopting and sticking to environmentally friendly principles. Several pre-requisites exist that must be met before we can have a less polluted, more sustainable environment.

conserve waterThe list includes reprocessing of green waste, not consuming meat, buying locally grown food and tossing the old “use it, throw it away” outlook. Almost everyone could do all of those things by simply deciding to do them. Taking the needed steps to conserve water and power can restore balance to the planet. The biggest factor causing the environmental crisis we’re in is the considerable amounts of CO2 that have been spewed into the atmosphere. The situation is worsened by the latest proliferation of mechanized means of production, in mills and on farms, all reliant on fuel or electricity and adding to the carbon emissions problem.

Recent calamities such as tsunamis, flooding, quakes, odd extremes of atmospheric condition and shortages in food and water can all be linked to the present environmental problem. All the signals point to a worsening situation, calling for aggressive intervention to stop the decay. One of the most important things for today is to convince the masses to live green. The focus needs to be on initiating the process, getting more and more individuals started on the green path, with easy steps, which will build the needed momentum. The media is apparently best-placed to take on the job of persuading the public that any step towards greener living is noteworthy and will make a huge impact.
This might actually be the last possible option open to us, so individuals really need to rise to the challenge of making their lifestyle decisions more responsibly. Sp as to keep the ecological problem from ruining everything, it is time to bring back the lost sense of right and wrong concerning the planet. If people are reluctant to face facts and do their part in helping the environment, how much longer does the world have? The outlook for our offspring is a hopeless one, if people continue along the path set by the present generation.
environmental problems-where are they leading us?

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