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If men and women can go green in their houses, can’t those self-same people start making the commercial enterprises where they are employed, go green too? With all of the waste in the workforce, an amazing amount of money and energy may be saved with simply a little initiative. It looks people no longer want to be bothered about wastage and neatness. There once was a time when waste not, want not, was a precious saying that all lived.

business organizations went greenIt would prove immensely valuable if business organizations went green, yet there are many easy ways in which they can do this. An office equipment that would benefit from a policy change would be the office printer.

Many trees can be spared if less paper was consumed. An obvious way to drastically cut back on the paper utilized, would be to print on both sides. Trees carry out a task which is valuable to the environment, which is to get rid of carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis. Stopping the use of paper is just one way for an office to go green.

paper in the officeThe vast internet spiderweb that spans the entire world, connecting people and business organizations, should mean that a lessening in business travel could be carried out. Holding business conferences in distant locations costs lots in money and energy, much of which could be saved. Business travel is usually done in large autos and jet aircraft, which has a considerable effect on the atmosphere and the planet’s energy resources. Let people carry out their conferences via live real-time video, which is a lot cheaper than travel by jet. Now through the power of the internet, a lot of jobs that are done in the office may be done at home, saving car travel, and office expenses. However, this won’t work for everyone’s job, but nonetheless it can make a difference.

video-business conferencesSwitching to email instead of paper-based communications is a simple way for a business to become eco-friendly. The savings in paper due to bills being paid online can be considerable. Carrying out more business tasks with electronics instead of paper will be beneficial for the planet.

A big way for the office to save a lot of energy is to stop using stand-alone computers and monitors, and use laptops instead. The most energy a laptop consumes is 50 watts, whereas roughly 270 watts is used by a desktop PC and a monitor. A huge energy saver for laptops is when they have been inactive for 15 minutes, they switch to sleep mode.

laptop more efficient Screensavers utilize more energy, so don’t be fooled into believing otherwise. Still, if business organizations turned off all laptop computers and computers during periods of non-use, that would be the most effective way for them to become earth-friendly, and they would save a lot of money. The city of Chicago could be powered for a year, by what would be saved, if all businesses did this.
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