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The usefulness of energy from electrical grids or fossil fuels is declining with new and positive alternative energies. The current technology is making it possible for a wide variety of energy sources to be explored. WindTurbinesAn renewable energy source that has become a lot more frequent over time are wind turbines. Producing wind turbines is now less expensive than ever, and more effective in terms of energy produced. Because of the consequences of wind farms on birds, scientists are finding logical ways to minimize the damage done to the bird population.
solar-powerThe most well-known of all the alternate options of energy is solar energy. This specific source uses the energy from the sun, and the use of solar cells to transform the energy into electricity or hot water. Both energy solutions are friendly to the environment. One of the most prominent alternative energy sources garnering attraction from the government is marine wave energy.

In France, Ireland, and Scotland they have observed positive results from their generators. Hydroelectric power has been made use of for a long time, and it is able to produce electrical power that is cleaner that traditional electric grids.
Hydroelectric-PowerBecause dams are necessary for hydroelectric power, there are simply a finite amount of parts that can be used. Generators that aren’t nearly as big have been employed to augment the larger ones. Underneath the ground lies geothermal energy that is extremely abundant. Energy can be produced any time water is heated up by the planet’s core. Turbine engines use the power belonging to the steam plus create electricity from it. This is actually a great source if more research and then development was done.Renewables
An interesting form of energy is to take the waste products that lie in dumps, and turn it into essentially methane gas. A number of things that can employ this are gasoline generators and also fuel cells. Wheat, corn, sugarcane, strawberries, wood chips, and wood cellulose can make a different fuel substitute, ethanol. Technologies are constantly becoming more advanced, but there’s still a conflict about this fuel ever being practical.
biodieselBiodiesel is definitely another unique energy source that is certainly being experimented with. Soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, as well as different plants have oils that can produce biodiesel. Oil-based diesel is not nearly as clean, and that’s the key reason why larger companies are starting to look into it although it started off mostly with individuals.

One last example of renewable energy is atomic energy. Nuclear fission is what makes atomic energy and it is extremely powerful and economical at the same time. Lots of people are cautious about atomic energy with the radioactive waste it produces. As you now understand, there is a huge number of choices when it comes to alternative energy,  but the jury is still out as  to which one  is best.
20% renewable energy by 2020

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