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An exciting innovation in the car industry nowadays are all of the different types of alternative fuels that are being made. Scientists are working hard to develop fuels that burn clean and won’t harm the environment. So far, they have come up with a few that are good for the planet and also offer a great advantage to drivers.
Possibly the most famous of alternative fuels is ethanol. Ethanol, also known as grain alcohol, is made from either soybeans or corn. You may find at the gas station something referred to as E85 which is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% petrol. People who use E85 discover that they get better gas mileage and feels that the fuel is burning cleaner than the average gasoline.

Even though there is petrol in E85, it does not put out as much toxins as the typical gasoline. Aside from corn and soya beans, plant materials from logging, old paper and other organic materials can be used to produce ethanol. Methanol is another type of fuel that is similar to ethanol and can be used as alternative fuel.
Methanol is also referred to as wood alcohol and is made from wood or coal. Nowadays, making methanol is cheap as it can be made from natural gas or propane. Another alternative fuel has been used in homes for a long time, but today is rising in popularity for vehicles, and that is propane, a compressed natural gas. Similar to fossil oil, propane is fuel that can be found underground. As the name implies, propane is a gas much like air, and not like crude oil which is a liquid. As it is a really earth-friendly fuel, natural gas has been growing in popularity. Electricity is another alternative fuel type that has gained plenty of attention.
Due to environmental concerns, electric cars are coming back in popularity, even though they have been around for a long time. The power of the electric vehicle comes from batteries instead of burning gasoline. An electric vehicle may call for 12 to 24 batteries to power it. An alternative fuel that gives a lot of promise is hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel is nonetheless in its early stages of development but the potential is there. Hydrogen has potential as it is not hard to create and very light to use. It is predicted that hydrogen will be the next big thing for running automobiles.

There are a number of types of alternative fuel sources, and these were only a few. As people become more worried about global warming, efforts will be made to develop better alternative fuels. As it continues to grow in popularity, each alternative fuel will continue to improve and make our planet a better place.

Alternative Fuel

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