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Have you ever observed all the little specks of dust floating in the air when the sun is brightly shining? The air is heavy with allergens and other molecules that have nowhere to go. This makes the air within your place much less clean than the air outside. While you may think you are opening your window to let in fresh air, you are essentially allowing more of these particles to enter your home. Whenever you notice dust on your furniture it has come from the dirt in the air being dispersed throughout your living environment. Nevertheless, you don’t need to let these dust particles have control over your life.

dust floating in the air Nowadays, it is possible to have the latest air purifier, since they are now very reasonably priced. If you are not that familiar with air purifiers, you need to take the time to learn about the various types that are available so you will know exactly what you need. A few different air purifiers exist. One type of air filter is the HEPA filter, also known as high-efficiency particulate air filter. These air filters are able to trap most particles in the air using a cloth-like filtration system.

This filter can trap more pollutants than any of the other filters, while lasting up to two years, depending on the quality of the air. Before you decide to buy a HEPA filter, however, you need to know that it does not get rid of odors from the air and it makes a significant amount of noise while it is turned on.

HEPA filterStill another commonly used air filtration device is the ionic filter. It utilizes ions to filter the air by giving opposite charges to the particles. Thus, the particles stick together and remain on magnetic plates. This is akin to what happens when your hair sticks to a balloon after you rub it on your head. Ionic filters have become the favorite among many consumers as they are really quiet.. Ionic filters can likewise get rid of substances such as gases and bacteria from indoor air. The air filtering system that is the best in getting rid of odors is a carbon air filter. These filters trap the particles with thousands of pores that produce a chemical bond. These filters do not get rid of germs or allergens.

Ionic filtersOne other type of air filtration system is the ultraviolet light air filtering system. Combining it with a HEPA air filter is the protocol of pick. Nevertheless, ultraviolet light is able to sterilize microorganisms. Still, if the length of exposure is not adequate, this type of air filter may not work efficiently.

This is exactly why you must use them with HEPA filters. As they hold the air in one place longer, the sterilization process can be accomplished. The ultraviolet light wipes out microorganisms while the HEPA air filter gets rid of allergens. The last type of air filter is the hydroxyl radical filter. These very potent substances occur naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. Hydroxyl radical air filters work best by fighting mold and insidious bacteria.

Hydroxyl radical air filtersNow you have enough information should you make the decision to buy an air purification system for your household. Cleaning your household air is an excellent way to improve your quality of life.
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