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It shouldn’t be that hard to live environmentally friendly. Minor changes can sometimes have huge results. There are things that you can get started doing today, such as looking for a new use for that product you would ordinarily throw away. You can also try to reduce the amount of garbage you make, on top of trying to recycle more. Here are several suggestions to get you thinking more about living green.
Be sure to maintain your furnace in efficient working order, since its running costs are so high. Of all the energy consumed in a household, heating makes up the bulk, more or less 60%. If you will replace the filter every 2 months, that will contribute to the running efficiency. Reusable filters, which can be washed again and again, may in reality be the best way to go. Ultimately, it will cost you less money, though you will pay more for the filters to begin with, but they last for several years. A meaningful gain of 50% in efficiency can be reached by correctly caring for your furnace, in just a few minutes.
thermostatTogether with having your furnace work more efficiently, have a thermostat that you can program, so you can adjust the temperature. Don’t use unnecessary energy during those periods when the dwellers are all sleep, or not home. This is not so good for the environment, and even worse for your wallet. You will save electricity, during the nights,  or when no one is home, by having set the thermostat several degrees cooler in winter nights, or higher in summer. Set it so that when you return home or wake up, the temperature is what you want it to be.

Wrapping fiberglass blanket around your water heater will improve the efficiency of this identified waster of energy. These are available at any hardware store, and the heat will be kept in the tank, once you have it wrapped with the blanket. You can regain your investment in just a year with the money you save on electricity, and you can easily do the installation by yourself. Get yourself one of the new tankless water heaters when next your heater needs replacing. Water is only heated on demand, instead of keeping a full tank filled with hot water. This way the earth is helped since significantly less energy is required, and your added bonus is the savings on your hot water bill.
You don’t have to adopt all of the above suggestions or change your life radically in order to live more green. Just make the modifications you can make, or are ready to make, and get started right away. Think about how much this would help your community, if each person did just one thing. Why don’t you be the one who is willing to take the first step, and get other people to follow suit. If you found these tips helpful, go ahead and pass them on to others.

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