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green-lifestyleEvery Small Thing You Do Towards Living A Green Lifestyle Is Worth It
People’s perception of the term green living varies greatly. A number of people don’t even wish to know about it, because they believe that it is something that is radical and extreme. Luckily, there are those who do not doubt the validity of the underlying ideas and would like to become actively involved. Several people mistakenly believe that green living demands an immediate 100% effort. Giving up life as you know it and sticking to a completely new way of life in one fell swoop is not what living green is about. It is the kind of way of life that can be bit by bit worked into. To begin living a green life can be eased into in many simple ways.
A nice additional benefit is that you can save money by doing something to preserve the earth’s resources. Seemingly small things like recycling glass, plastic or paper are effective alterations you can easily make. Electricity is being consumed even when appliances are in standby mode, so see to it that you turn them off.

During the daytime, let in natural light instead of turning on lights, and at night switch them off when not needed. There are a lot of small things that you can do so you can save money on water bills. You’ll be amazed at how much water you don’t waste by bathing instead of showering, and by shutting the faucet when shaving or brushing teeth.
Pretty soon, these things become simple, involuntary habits, which add up to a meaningful change in your water and energy consumption. If you have discipline in small areas of your life, it will transfer to other areas making you a totally different person. The saying “waste not, want not” seems to have been tossed out as time passes. As well as aid concerving the environment, you can save money, merely by sticking to those changes each day. It may seem unimportant, but the truth is that it grows over time.

Wendy houseIf only some of the tenets of living green were applied by all of mankind, the world could be a lot better. Each action, even a thing like getting rid of a Wendy house outgrown by the kids, that is implemented in a green living way is supportive of our earth.

People will never know how much money they can save on petrol until they try walking places, or taking a bus, rather than always driving everywhere.
A growing number of people are trying to conserve by living without the latest gizmos. Yes, it’s true that sometimes it’s a choice thrust upon them by financial difficulty. However, for many individuals it’s a conscious decision taken to minimize their carbon footprint. As green living goes viral, to borrow a  phrase, the world will more and more  become a better,  healthier place.
TEDxWarwick – Caroline Fiennes – Promoting a Green Lifestyle Choice

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