Dec 142011

Organic Produce, Is It Genuinely Beneficial?

Organic food is nothing new and has been with us for a long time, however recently more people have been taking an interest in it and the word organic has turned into a big buzz word. The organic food marketplace is prospering because lots of people are taking an interest and they tend to be more expensive than non-organic food. Considering this, is organic and natural food truly better for us? Should we be paying out more money on food that is allegedly better for people?
organic-foodBefore I go any further I wish to clarify what is meant by organic. The term “organic” in connection with food,  signifies that it has not been modified unnaturally. Ionizing radiation, artificial hormones and chemically enhanced fertilizers are instances of things that are not used to accelerate or boost the food’s growth or quantity. With regards to organic meat, eggs and daily products, these have had no antibiotics or growth hormones (GH) added to enhance the speed that they may be produced.

The operation for growing commercial organic food is not an easy one as a total of 3 years need to pass before their fruit and vegetables can be termed Better-for-Environment“organic” Two years have to pass to cultivate the soils natural nutrients so all chemicals are out of the soil when the organic food is cultivated. All these aspects contribute to the additional expense of organic food. As good as this all may seem, some still ponder if it is still all necessary. Can there be any other rationale why I have to be interested in eating organic food?
It certainly seems there are other advantages, as research has revealed that organic food is more nutritious. Milk from cows which were organically bred contained, on average, 50% more Vitamin E, 70% more Beta Carotene, 2 times Baby_eatingas many antioxidants and more Omega-3 than cows milk created in the conventional way. Opting to use organic food will also be beneficial to your general health and fitness since it contains no chemicals such as insecticides and other harmful substances. Moreover, you never run the risk of consuming cancer causing toxins which is a huge benefit to picking organic food. The next benefit is a matter of opinion, as a large number of people say organic food tastes better than non organic, but again you cannot claim this as a fact since its down to ones individual preferences. Organic_Food
Organic food is certainly also advantageous for the environment. Pesticides and insecticides have been established to have a significant effect on the world ecosystem and as organic food includes neither of these its better for the ecosystem. This will all bring about a lesser level of pollution during food production and so will not have an adverse effect on global warming.

When animals are not raised with the goal of selling organic foods, they are often mistreated by keeping them in tiny enclosures and force feeding them to encourage accelerated growth over a shorter amount of time whilst organic farmers tend to take good care of their animals, even allowing them to roam free.

Eat Organic Food To Improve Your Health and Save Money

The facts are quite obvious; organic food is more suitable for the environment, the welfare of the animals and certainly for your health. Now its just up to you to make the final choice. The cost factor should also be looked at but based on all the positive benefits, I highly recommend you  take a serious look at trying to  do things the  organic way.

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