Nov 252011

The world we live in continues its downward spiral with nuclear power failures, natural disasters and people’s lack of concern for our environment. Our worldEarth will end soon unless individuals snap out of their unconsciousness. Our planet’s population has exploded, there is corruption everywhere, there is an indisputable pollution problem, there are insidious chemicals all over, and essentially the world is messed up. Right now, the most effective solution is for all of the inhabitants of the earth to try green living.

Even though we talk about living green, many of us do not know what it truly means. Anything that has a beneficial effect on our planet is green living. These are things that we must do so that the new generation will have a healthy world to live. The ultimate goal for green living is to have the Earth in ecological balance. Not only that, but green living cleans the surroundings by flushing toxins out of the environment. Green living’s main purpose is to make the planet a better place to live for man, and keeping it that way.

Nature itself is working to maintain balance since it is being attacked from every side. There are many places in the world where water is diminishing. We live in a world full of concrete structures and no trees or plants to purify the atmosphere. The pollution in the air is so terrible that somebody walking a long distance will discover themselves covered in dirt and pollutants.

Our children or grandchildren will live in a world where oil or trees no longer exist and our planet would fall apart. Every day, the planet is facing environmental problems, as the earth pleads for help, which keeps falling on deaf ears. Civilization is being assailed by the numerous disturbances in the world. Our planet is struggling to deal with the ecological imbalance, global recession and fiscal crisis. Each day money is being expended on frivolous things while crucial issues are being brushed aside. No action is being made to handle the issue of protecting the environment and encouraging people to turn to green living.

What do we need to do to change our habits and be conscious of conservation. Is there a way to band together, to to have more trees planted, to flip off the power when not in use, and try to conserve water. Is everyone doing their best to straighten out the earth so that we can have a better world? Is every person on the planet doing their best to reduce pollution? Are lots of people attempting to do better so that the succeeding generations have something left? There is not a lot of time remaining so we have to work fast to follow a green way of life.

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