Dec 072011

We inhabit a world where toxins are destroying everything in nature, and we’re seeing terrible effects like acid rain and global warming. If only we were able to exist without damaging mankind’s home, the beautiful green planet, Earth. For city-dwellers it must appear to be a tantalising mirage to think of inhaling cool, clean air into their lungs, with no harmful poisons or toxins. infections-go-airborneThe thing is, this is no longer attainable; we humans have made certain that with the pollution we’ve created we’ll be breathing in airborne poisons, which can impair our habitat and ultimately our health.

All forms of life found in that huge body of water, our oceans, which cover 70% of planet earth’s surface, are being ravaged by pollutants such as oil and chemical spillage, which inevitably affects us as well. For many people who had a living from the sea by fishing they no longer have a job because of pollution. Communities have counted on fishing for hundreds of years, for both food and economic prospects, and now all of this is coming to an end for many. Still fresh in our memories is the Deepwater Horizon spill, Oil-spillswhich gave adequate testimony to the disastrous consequences of oil spills, causing the loss of many jobs and costing billions of dollars. The food chain and the whole of the ecosystem suffered significant damage, as a direct consequence of the deaths of large numbers of not only fish but also birds. A sad example of human beings prioritising its short-term need for oil, a dead substance, over the well-being of the earth and its other inhabitants.
Rather than investing in the latest green energy methodologies and further research into innovative possibilities, we persist in spending billions of dollars on oil exploration. oilThe prospect of providing considerable amounts of green energy is huge, without damaging the environment. One would think it’s a no-brainer, given the possibilities offered by green energy alternatives, along with their being passive towards the environment. As long as the sun shines, solar panels, for instance, can heat water and provide electricity as well. And something that’s just as simple in concept, wind turbines, makes use of another free resource (wind) to provide energy. The positive aspect of wind turbines, as long as there’s enough wind, is that they perform all day and all night. wind turbinesEverybody should be aware that the time to put into practice an assertive green energy program is now, given the environmental damage caused by oil, and the limited supply thereof. Possibly then we can halt or maybe even reverse the terrible effects of global warming and pollution.

A lot of short term advantages will accrue to us, and we’ll be providing future generations many benefits. As an alternative to being at the mercy of intense weather patterns and harsh living conditions, our children, and their children, could live healthily in a clean, beautiful, and bounteous environment. Unfortunately, until we begin living green and caring for our environment, this won’t happen.
It will require time, money and much endeavour to try and limit the damage of our actions on the environment, but it will be worth it.
Think Green: A Healthy Planet Show

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