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I know you remember when you were a kid and you pretended that your bicycle was a motorcycle and you would ride it all around the place. Obviously some of you may be too big right now to be riding a bicycle around, but you’ll discover that you can still have a lot of fun with a motorcycle or even with a scooter. Obviously you’ll have the ability to have a lot of fun on a motorcycle or scooter you’re also going to find that you receive a lot better gas mileage on these vehicles. As you continue to read you are going to realize why motorcycles and scooters are better options, not just for our world but for your wallet also.

Motorcycles Scooters eco-friendlyAs I am certain you realize, motorcycles and scooters have only 2 tires and automobiles have 4 tires. And for a motorcycle or automobile you are going to discover that you are still replacing the tires at about the same mileage as well as the tires just about cost the same.

But with a motorcycle you will find that you only need to replace two tires as opposed to four so you will be saving money as all tires whether for an automobile or motorcycle are about the same price. Not forgetting you are producing less waste when you’re only needing to dispose of two tires rather than four.

Motorcycles Scooters eco-friendlyAs I know you’re already aware, you’re going to end up saving a lot of money with regards to the volume of gas you’ll end up saving in case you are driving a scooter or motorcycle. Depending on the type of motorcycle you might end up getting you will find that you can get up to 65 miles out of every gallon of gas. And if you determine that you would rather get a scooter you are going to discover that you’ll be in a position to get even better gas mileage, up to 100 mpg. No matter if you choose a motorcycle or scooter you’ll find that you’ll be decreasing your utilization of non-renewable fuels and saving a lot of money.

Scooters save fuelYou’re additionally going to realize that the amount of oil that a motorcycle and scooter uses is less than the amount of oil you need in a car.

To be totally honest you’re going to discover that a motorcycle will only end up using about a quart less oil than a compact car, but the main thing is trying to get millions of folks to make the switch over to a motorcycle. These are only a small number of good reasons why you should make the switch over, but don’t forget about just how much more fun it’s to ride instead of driving.

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