Apr 192012

If you are from an older generation, you probably remember when living a greener life was commonly practiced. Before the advent of fast food places and prepared foods, typical food for almost all people was organic. Back in the day, mostly everyone owned at least a small garden, and most small communities also had average size farmers markets. In the past processed food didn’t actually exist, today you need to examine all the labels carefully. People started gardening as a way to feed their families, and to make certain they stacked away the surplus foods for the winter months when they could not plant their food. People did not believe in squandering food back then so any food not consumed was put back to the garden and combined with the soil.

People-started-gardeningPeople did not utilize pesticides, and they fertilized their gardens naturally. A typical garden made sufficient savory veggies to feed the whole family, and a few of the neighbors.

This was a time when people would share with their neighbors and actually knew all of them by name. I am quite sure you have heard of pesticides and chemical fertilizers; well, back then people never even heard of these words. Utilizing these products have damaged the earth by removing the nutrients from the land.

toxic in the soilOne thing you might want to ask yourself is, how many of diseases right now are triggered by these toxic substances, which also take away a lot of the nutrients from our foods. Until these health issues begin affecting their family members, a lot of people never truly think about it. However, with the health issue affecting many families at this point and time, many people are starting to be more mindful of the foods they eat. Research have proved that veggies grown organically contain a lot more vitamins and minerals.

veggies grown organicallyGoing green is something that a lot of people are now thinking about, and perhaps it is time for you to think about it as well. If you just take a look at the health issues in the world now, you may realize that it is time for a change. With conventional medicinal drug causing all kinds of side effects, alternative health care is something a lot of people are turning to. You could begin by growing or purchasing organically grown foods. Following a green lifestyle is a great way to take better care of your body and the environment at the same time.

organic gardeningA few of the pragmatic steps to organic gardening are working with nature to keep the soil healthy and staying away from all chemical substances. Manure and other eco friendly plant foods must be used rather than chemical substances.

The leaves, grass cuttings and kitchen leftovers will keep the soil full of essential nutrients. By not utilizing man-made fertilizers and weed killers, the gardeners don’t need to be concerned about causing harm to pets and wildlife, or even possibly young children. Also, the food grown will be healthy for eating. By keeping your garden organic and staying away from toxic substances, you help bring down the pollution of the environment.

organic gardening_When toxic pesticides are used, the area must be avoided for some time. If the toxic gases must not be breathed in, how beneficial can they be for the food? If you opt not to utilize these insidious chemical substances, you can work in the garden anytime you want without having to avoid the area for any certain amounts of time. Don’t forget, if your garden is located close to your dwelling, the chemical fertilizers and pesticides can seep into your well water or even in to the air in your home. By keeping your own organic garden, you can be sure  you’re consuming healthy foods and saving the  earth at the  same time.
Organic gardening, grow your own food

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