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Not long ago, I read something in the paper about some builders becoming eco friendly in the way they build buildings. So, going green is something we might all want to consider when we are at home. Few people can say that they have a ‘green’ dwelling. In reality, for a house to be completely green may take a substantial outlay.

builders eco friendlyThere are lots of different reasons for people going green. Allergic reactions of a member of the family may mean that decisions have to be made. But going green can be a lot of hassle, so why is it that people continue doing it? As the costs are high, any monetary gain can be eliminated as a reason.

Just being aware of some of the chemical substances that are found in homes can be a strong enough reason to decide to be green. It’s a well-known fact that vinyl linoleum actually discharges poisonous gases and obviously this isn’t great for the Earth or your health! Linoleum itself doesn’t emit these gases but it’s difficult to find just linoleum itself. Chemical substances used in a lot of household products will result in the release of harmful gas. By doing a search online or taking care in supermarkets, you can get more environmentally friendly products.

Linoleum itself doesn't emit these gasesOf course, we can all recycle our rubbish and this is also good for our planet. That’s items like bottles made of plastic, aluminum cans and paper products. Many towns and urban centers have their own rules for recycling waste, so if you stick to their guidelines, you can help the planet. If you are furnished with separate bins or you need to obtain a few yourself, simply keep plastics, paper products and metals separate so they are not difficult to recycle. If you want to paint your house, there are eco friendly ways to accomplish that. If you’re going to be painting then use paints without VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). A safe paint to use is rubber-base paint because it doesn’t give off any insidious chemicals.

safe paint If you are interested to make your abode genuinely eco friendly, you’ll discover lots of appliances that can help you be more earth friendly. The options for more greener living are now available from numerous of the main product manufacturers. Automatic washers and dishwashers are now made to be earth friendly by using less water with each cycle.

We all are interested to reduce our water bills and a toilet can also be made to utilize less water. Electrical goods like ovens can be made to operate in a more green way. Just search for the energy star rating to find out how eco friendly it genuinely is.

energy star ratingSo although there may be some costs in the beginning and inconvenience, the benefits of an earth friendly house can eventually be improved health and along with a healthier planet, your bills will begin to go down.
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