Dec 172011

eco_friendlyIs our earth breaking down or is it just a hoax? Who do we put our trust in when we are told that the very things that are vital for life are becoming used up? Is the answer for people to start living a greener lifestyle? With the lack of total health and the climbing cost of healthcare, is it time to go back to natural ways to save lives? If we want a better planet, the education of our kids in environmental issues is crucial.

Gardens are part of our heritage and it used to be common to grow foods to eat. It is not merely playing in the garden but the cultivation of plants, vegetables and trees that we wish for our children to experience. Education is the solution and teaching our young ones how, for instance, a green plant makes oxygen from carbon dioxide. Sustenance, fresh air and drinking pure water all can lead to a healthy body. If the earth is to survive, we may have to go back to living green. gardens
We live in a world of conveniences and quick change but is there a price to be paid for this. Are our lives getting better even if we live for very long? Medical improvements have eliminated particular diseases, but have they added health conditions that now plague our planet? The environment’s health can be made better and we can enjoy better lives if we move towards eco friendly lifestyles. All that is required is to educate a generation of children to the profits of living green.
The use of petroleum and coal has obviously not helped our desires for cleaner air and so wind and solar energy solutions are needed. We must cease waiting until it is an absolute necessity to change. Do we really want to ruin the earth? What other reason is there for the utter defilement of the planet? planetWill there come a point when we cannot overturn the toxins in our food, clean the air or make sure our water is safe to drink?

Material goods look to mean more to people than some of the traditional values we used to have. Making money must not be the motive when considering the health of a person. We can all help by realizing what the environment needs to better the lives of its inhabitants.
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If we realize that it is not just about money, we can begin to make alterations such as using wind and solar power instead of oil. It is time for our youth to learn how to start living a healthy lifestyle, using natural resources without wasting them, and that there is not another earth to move to.

This is the only planet we have, and to be responsible citizens we must leave it a better place for our children. All of us are answerable, so the change to a greener way of living should start right now.
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