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Many folks feel that it will be unreasonably difficult to change their lifestyle and be more eco friendly. Realistically, you can cut down your carbon footprint and help the environment by merely making a few simple changes into your life.

lifestyle eco friendlyDisconnecting electric gadgets when they’re not being used is an easy way you can begin to live a greener life.

Even when you flip something off, it continues to use small amounts of electricity and thus energy. While you may find it tough, eventually you will be able to do it without thinking and in the process save yourself a good deal of money.

switch off electric gadgetsWhen you get home from the grocery, don’t throw away the bags that you used to carry your groceries. Remember to bring them with you when you go shopping next time. This will help to lower the number of bags you use on a monthly basis, which will save you money on bag purchases and contribute to less trash which can cause pollution. Furthermore, these bags can be used for other purposes too.

less trash plastic bagsYou can additionally reduce your carbon footprint by not driving too often. It is understandable that you may have to drive to your office, the market or even visit friends and family but there are frequently times when you can car pool (use one car for several people) or just walk. Using your car less can save you a lot of money and also bring down pollution. As the price of fuel continues to increase, this is certainly an area where we can save a substantial amount of money by doing something so small.

price of fuel continues to increaseAlthough you can lessen pollution with numerous methods, one area you should look into is the use of plastic water bottles. While the water itself may be safer, these plastic water bottles are usually thrown away after only one use. There’s nothing inappropriate with getting bottled water if that’s something you prefer to do. Nonetheless, try using the bottles again whenever you can. You’re probably wondering now how exactly can you reuse the bottles. You can buy a water filter that you can use in your water bottles and you can put water bottles in the refrigerator for the next use.

Once again, similar to the other examples above, this will cut down your impact on the environment as a result of less potential pollution and will also save you money.

water filter in water bottlesOn the whole, it’s not hard to see that making some of these little changes can help you to reduce your expenses–and it makes you more earth friendly. So definitely, green living is relatively simple if you are determined to take the first step.
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