Feb 102012

Save FuelWe are damaging our planet each and every day, and day by day the amount of pollution we are creating keeps growing. Our consumer habits have significantly damaged the ozone layer and now is the time to take basic steps to save the earth. Keep reading to learn some easy tips you may use to reduce the amount of co2 your car generates.

car tires are properly inflatedOne of the initial things you can do is to make sure your car tires are properly inflated. This may seem to be a little strange but let me explain. When your tires are not properly filled, your car is not able to use fuel very proficiently.

It comes down to friction, the less air your tires possess, the more of the tire is making contact with the road causing you to have to give the car more gas to maintain your velocity. Sad to say, you create much more pollution when you use more gas. By properly inflating your tires it is possible to reduce the amount of pollution you create as you use less fuel.

changing your spark plugsIt is important that you tune up your car annually. This is something that many people really don’t think about. By replacing your spark plugs and wires every year you continue to keep your car running properly. Outdated spark plugs make your automotive produce more smog. This furthermore causes your car to get poor gas mileage. By changing your spark plugs annually, you can help to keep your car in better shape and decrease the amount of pollution it creates.
changing their engine oilOne more thing people fail to really take into consideration is changing their engine oil. Although some people are incredibly strict about changing their oil each and every 3,000 miles, other people will just change it once a year, or whenever they think about it. Through keeping your car’s oil clean, you are attempting to keep your car functioning properly and because of that, yet again you will be getting better gas mileage and reducing pollution. Do not forget to appropriately recycle your oil if you complete your own oil changes. Almost any neighborhood repair shop or auto store should have the capacity to recycle your used oil. There’s no reason to never recycle your used oil because there’s no fee to do so.
clean air filterAllow me to share a few other ways that you can reduce air toxins while saving gas. One thing is to be sure you have a clean air filter in your car. Your gas mileage can certainly increase any time you employ a clean air filter.

You should also keep your vehicle nice and clean. You will experience considerably less wind resistance when your auto is clean. So by keeping your car spotless not only can you improve your gas mileage a little, your car will furthermore end up lasting you longer. When we use our cars longer, we lessen the amount  of pollution that is created in the  creation process of  new vehicles.

Fuel saving tips from MotorWeek’s master technician Pat Goss

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