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Unless your home was built recently together with green living in mind, it may actually be wasting fuel as well as energy.  Most homes will wind up wasting heating and also air conditioning through tiny cracks in the exterior and interior of the house.  Yet another thing you need to understand is that it is not just homes that waste energy as men and women are wasting energy as well. The simple truth of the matter is that when men and women are armed with the appropriate information the amount of energy which can be saved might be astronomical.  Here you are going to learn a number of the ways your home is wasting energy along with the way you are wasting energy.

wasting heatingWhether you use electric, or fuel oil to heat your house, you must already realize the costs that are involved with heating your homes through the winter.  Many folks end up losing the heat inside their home as a result of their attics.  If you have ever been up in your attic you most likely already realize that it is not insulated very well. While many folks have the floors of their attic insulated, you will see that many people do not have the roof of their attic insulated. If individuals would take the time and money to insulate their attic roofs, they are going to realize that they will be able to save cash on their heating costs.

Although your attic will be one of the largest culprits you’re also going to realize that openings by doors and windows also cause plenty of energy loss.  And so sealing up these types of leaks will also be able to save on their house heating costs.

attic insulatedThis poor insulation and also drafts are also things which will cause your electric bill to go up in the summer when you’re using your air conditioning.  You must understand that this is where your cold air will escape and warm air will get into your house during the warm months.  As the heat continues to enter your home your air conditioning system is going to have to work harder to keep the particular temperature exactly where you want it.  You need to comprehend that by insulating your home properly and sealing any gaps in windows, doors and floorboards, you will be saving plenty of energy.

sealing any gaps in windowsAnd on the topic of what folks do to waste energy you ought to actually look at your cell phone charger.  Whenever you aren’t using your mobile phone charger to charge your cellular phone you need to ensure you unplug it from the wall as leaving this plugged in is really a waste of electricity. 

A number of you may possibly be thinking that the volume of energy that’s wasted by a simple cellular phone charger is nothing to worry about, however millions of people do this daily which produces huge amounts of waste.

waste energyOne thing we would like to mention would be that these are only a number of the culprits when it comes to energy waste. If you would like to find out how much electricity and fuel your home is wasting, you ought to have someone come to your home to audit your home.  If you do have your home audited you might be surprised to figure out the amount of waste your home is producing each and  every year.
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